I love Dinosaurs, loved them since I was a kid and I first saw Jurassic Park. So with all this talking of JP IV or ‘Jurassic World’ circling the internet I thought I would create a little poster teasing campaign to go along side it.

The idea is to not show anything about the film, but to still inform the viewer of things that would (or could) be in the new film. I decided to use the silhouette of Dinosaurs that maybe in it, but I also wanted to add something different from their previous on screen counterparts.


poster 1

With the T-rex I wanted the shape to still be recognisable but as the series progresses I wanted to add a sense of ‘evolution’ to the famous beast, to quote the original film “life finds a way”. poster 2

With this poster I wanted it to have much more of a ‘beachy’ feel to it imposing the logo onto a beach hut as it is believed that Quetzalcoatlus hunted along the coastline.

poster 3The final teaser is the silhouette of Liopleurodon, the biggest underwater Dinosaur. The theme of this poster was obviously water, focusing on the fact that dinosaurs can now swim and no where is safe.