Like so many people my age I was a massive Pokemon obsessed kid when I was younger. The Cards were my specialty, I never got into the games until much later and by then the craze had all but died.

Obviously you had the cool cards, the ones that defined a generation, shiny Charizard, Movie Dragonite are just a few that stuck with me. However there was always a card, which I still remember to this day as being the one that stood out above all. Not for it’s “awesomeness” or stats, but for the way it told a story in one small simple image, it was the lonely Cubone.

This image  always stuck with me and I had an urge create something similar to the way it told the story about a lonely Cubone wandering the world looking for a friend. I created the artwork within illustrator then imported the file into photoshop where I was able to add a range of different lighting effects.